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Veterinary Services

Your pet is an important part of your family and when he or she is ill, you want the best medical care available.

The veterinarians and staff at our clinic are ready to provide your pet with cutting edge veterinary medical care including preventive, sick pet, and urgent appointments, advanced imaging and laboratory diagnostics, anesthesia and surgical expertise.

Waverly Animal Hospital, Boarding, & Grooming Services:

  • Dr. Burk is not only a reptile Dad but he is also our new reptile veterinarian
  • Schedule with him for your snake, lizard, & other reptile veterinary needs
  • Annual wellness examinations of reptiles are recommended to discuss such things as diet & housing
  • Sick reptiles can hide their problems so reach out to us as soon as you suspect something is wrong
  • Clean teeth are just as important to cats and dogs as they are to people
  • Our preventive services include X-rays, cleaning, and polishing
  • If your beloved one has bad breath, this may indicate that dental care is needed
  • We provide complimentary consultations to assess the dental care that your pet needs
  • We measure blood parameters to enhance the veterinarians’ diagnostic capacity
  • We get results quickly because we have our own laboratory
  • Our most important dog tests detect Heartworm infection in blood, and we recommend this test be conducted annually
  • Intestinal parasites are still very common in dogs and cats of all ages so we test pets for these regularly to prevent diseases that these parasites cause in both pets and people

We recommend osteopathic treatments such as therapeutic laser. Used alone or in combination with traditional medicine, therapeutic laser aids in control of inflammatory-based diseases such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Ear infections
  • Some skin conditions e.g. hot spot, lick granuloma.

We also use laser therapy to enhance healing after some surgical and dental procedures

  • We recommend non-traditional remedies that are known to improve recovery in some diseases
  • We currently provide laser therapy which is popular among dogs with arthritis because the treatment alleviates pain and improves mobility
  • We will introduce physical therapy and Eastern remedies in mid to late 2018
  • Intestinal worms, Heartworms, fleas, and ticks continue to be common problems in all dogs and cats that are not given preventive medications
  • This is important because some worms can pass from pets to people and cause serious diseases
  • Also, Heartworm disease can be deadly, and treatment is dangerous and financially costly
  • The preventive products we stock are affordable and effective in preventing fleas, ticks, intestinal worms, and Heartworm.
  • We stock all the products that our veterinary medical team recommend
  • Our stock is purchased directly from manufacturers and has guaranteed quality standards
  • Unlike some online pharmacies, we can guarantee our packaging, transportation, storage and ingredients are not compromised.
  • The Waverly guarantee states that you will always receive:
    • unconditional refund on all pet food
    • full refund on flea and heartworm preventive medications if you use the products according to our recommendations and you incur flea infestations or heartworm infection
  • Prevent future pet health problems by scheduling wellness examinations or checkups on a regular, usually annual, basis
  • Ensure your beloved is fully immunized against the most appropriate diseases occurring in our region and with reputable, effective vaccines
  • Have senior pets examined regularly to monitor internal organ function and age-related diseases such as arthritis or obesity
  • Regular checkups help ensure the effectiveness and safety of long term medications
  • Ensure your puppy or kitten is fully immunized against the most appropriate diseases occurring in our region and with reputable, effective vaccines
  • Identify specific disease risks for your beloved at these first appointments, through examinations and testing
  • Establish a special relationship with our veterinary medical staff to build on through your beloved’s life
  • Create an e-medical history that you can access anywhere, anytime, including reminders, due dates, medication history, & laboratory results
  • Spay and neuter procedures are performed under certified safety standards.
  • Our veterinarians have over 50-years combined experience in many surgical procedures
  • We will quickly examine your pet after accidents or other unexpected problems arise
  • Appointments are available for new and current patients every day of the week
  • Over 50-years combined veterinary experience
  • We only recommend vaccinations for diseases that are relevant in our community
  • Our vaccines are purchased directly from reputable manufacturers
  • Our vaccines are transported, stored, and administered appropriately by a team of doctors with over 50-years of experience
  • Our vaccination frequency is based on national veterinary standards
  • Unlike human doctors’ offices, we have the convenience of on-site imaging equipment
  • Digitally recorded X-rays and sonograms enhance the veterinarians’ diagnostic capacity by viewing the size and shape of bones and internal organs

For more information on the services provided at Waverly Animal Hospital or to schedule an appointment, click or call us today. (517) 323-4156

Accepting new patients! Boarding is Available!

Thank you for seeing my 8 week old puppy on an urgent basis . It was so very kind of you especially when he wasn’t a patient. My own vet told me to go to an urgent hospital. Because they were too booked. Interesting because I work in a dentist office and we see urgent patients even if we are ” too booked.” I will most likely be changing vets. They were wonderful.
Lori W.

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